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Offering HQS, AirBnB, Rental Property Inspections, Professional Home Inspections & Residential Mold Inspections With a detailed Report From Our Certified Team


Professional Home Inspection Services in DC & Maryland

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At VanBuren Home Inspections, we help first time home buyers, realtors, current home owners, landlords and tenants buy or sell homes with confidence, identifying any problems or major deficiencies using the proper tools and technology. We also conduct HCV (Housing Quality Standard) HQS inspections for agencies physically and virtually.

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Full service performing all the inspection responsibilities within the agencies program with in-house staff and software. Meeting PHA'S compliance objectives. (Virtual or Physical inspection available.)

PROPERTY Inspection

Inspection service for landlords who host their property on Airbnb. This service provides your guests with positive experiences whether you are just starting out as a host or a seasoned host. Includes detailed report to ensure the safety and needs of the guest helping you to stand out. (Virtual or Physical inspection available.)

Home Inspection

Is a complete examination of the home’s condition with a detailed report. For First time home buyers, sellers and current tenants who wants to make sure things are properly functioning inside their home. Better to find out now then later. 

residential mold

We will inspect your property for signs of mold growth and moisture intrusion, take samples as necessary and send samples to the laboratory for professional analysis. Mold left undetected and untreated leads to rot, damage, and health problems.

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At VanBuren, our thorough pre-home inspections and detailed report locate any problem or major deficiency in the beginning stage to save you tons of money in the future!

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Our customers are our number one priority and we ensure every inspection meets your needs. We aim to help you buy, sell, or rent your home without hesitation.