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VanBuren Home Inspections
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Everything you need to know about VanBuren Home Inspections is right here! Thomas VanBuren began this company to provide high-quality and trustworthy inspection services in the DMV area.

We are a team of certified professional inspectors with the knowledge and experience to ensure your home is up to the code and standard according to the State regulation.

Inspection Report

We provide an unofficial copy of the inspection report instantly. The official copy of your inspection report is sent to you within 24 hours. We ensure we don’t make you wait, keeping you in the loop through the entire process.

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My name is Thomas VanBuren, I grew up in the Prince Georges County Maryland area. I worked and completed over thousands of inspections for DC government. Since 2017 I have been educating clients on the conditions of their prospective and current home.

At VanBuren Home Inspections we perform friendly, efficient and thorough inspections. We want to ensure that all families are given an equal opportunity to live in a healthy and save environment.