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Our team is equipped to handle walk & talk inspections, professional home inspections, HQS, rental property, and other kinds of home inspection services. We send our experienced and certified inspectors to conduct a thorough check.

Home Inspection

This is a thorough examination and assessment of your home, documented in a written report. VanBuren Home Inspectors visually inspect the accessible structures, systems, and components of the home, from foundation to the roofline, including:

  • Roof, Venting, Flashings, and Trim
  • Skylights and Chimneys
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Decks, Stoops, and Porches
  • Walkways and Railings
  • Attached Garages
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Basement, Foundation, and Crawlspace
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • HVAC System
  • Water Heating System
  • Electrical System, Panels, Breakers, and Fuses
  • Fireplaces and Hearths
  • Built-in Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

Walk & Talk Inspection

This inspection is visually done with verbal consultation of the home’s major systems and potential issues. Our assessor will evaluate the quality and advise the sellers or buyers on the needed changes. As a visual inspection, there is NO prepared detailed report. (Physical & Virtual inspection available)


Tenant complaint

This service is offered to current tenants who need a license professional to visually examine the area of concern within the home. A full detailed report is provided. Scheduling re inspection is highly encouraged to ensure the issue has been properly resolved. 



When repairs or improvements are recommended after we've performed a home inspection or after work was completed by a general contractor. Having an experienced home inspector check the repairs can ensure the repairs have been properly and professionally completed before you close on the home. Re-inspections can be beneficial for your lender or insurance company. (Physical & Virtual inspection available)


Airbnb property inspections

This inspection service is dedicated to landlords who host their property on Airbnb.

With the rapid growth of vacation rentals and Airbnb hosts, it is of utmost importance to provide guests with positive experiences whether you are just starting out as a host or a seasoned host.

You want to ensure that your Airbnb property is ready or has gone the extra mile, it is vital to ensure the safety and needs of the guests. Moreover, you would want your Airbnb to stand out amongst the crowd not misleading guests with pictures and provide guests below the average standard.

Our inspectors review based on a checklist covering everything from the speed of the WiFi to the comfort of the bedding. Additionally, properties that fail can still be on the Airbnb listings and advised on improvements in enhancing their guest experience.

Who doesn’t want a positive review after there guest stay?

(Physical & Virtual inspection available)


Home Maintenance Inspection

A standard home inspection performed for a homeowner who isn't involved in a real estate transaction. This is a checkup inspection for homeowners who have an interest in keeping their homes in good condition and need professional help doing so. 


Rental property inspection

Service offered to meet the needs of Property Managers. We can help organize and track your scheduled Section 8 Annual/ Initial/ Special inspections and re-inspections. VanBuren Home Inspections will work within your software system to enable you to keep all of your inspection information in-house. This will ensure that your staff has access to all information 24/7 and does not have to go to an outside system to obtain it. Our staff is HQS certified which means that we can better help prepare your units to pass inspections the first time.


Landlord Rental inspection

This inspection is designed for properties who have to be registered with the County and pass a rental inspection checklist by a licensed home inspector. 


Residential Mold Inspection

We provide the client with information regarding the condition of the systems and components of the home that could contribute to microbial growth as they existed at the time of the mold inspection.

Our mold inspection report communicates the information to the client through a written summary that describes the conditions found that could likely contribute to water damage or microbial growth on the inspected structure. Additionally, the report may include the results of laboratory testing on suspected mold samples taken from the structure.


HQS Inspections

While meeting your budget goals, VanBuren Home Inspections delivers a practical HQS solution to meet your PHA'S compliance objectives. 

During each inspection, the Inspector will look at the living room, kitchen, bathroom, all other rooms used for living, all secondary rooms, not used for living, heating & plumbing, building exterior, and the following thirteen performance requirements: sanitary facilities; food preparation and refuse disposal; space and security; thermal environment; illumination and electricity; structure and materials; interior air quality; water supply; lead-based paint; access; site and neighborhood; sanitary condition; and smoke detectors.

We can track and schedule your Annual/ Initial/ Special inspections and re-inspections, send all notifications, track abatements and perform Quality control inspections. 

VanBuren Home Inspections will work within your software system to enable you to keep all of your inspection information in house. 

(Physical & Virtual inspection available)



Our field inspectors will examine your property and send out an written and photographic reports to lenders, insurance companies and other interested parties. Inspectors could see whether anyone is occupying a property, assess damage, evaluate the property for a potential mortgage or check its condition after a foreclosure.


Housekeeping Inspection

Our Housekeeping Inspectors will inspect designated guest rooms ensuring they have been properly cleaned and stocked for guest arrivals. Our Inspectors will also inspect for maintenance issues. Cleaning provided upon request. 


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